That's right - the series is now available on DVD from fans who have spent hours converting the show from VHS to DVD format. You can click each seller's name if you want to contact them.

Disclaimer: The following DVD sets are profiled merely as a convenience for fans looking to buy the set from other fans. I am not endorsing any of these sets, nor their sellers, and I am not referring any particular set over another. The sets are presented here in no particular order. Also, neither I nor my site have any affiliation with these sellers and cannot act as intermediary between you and the seller. Please contact each seller directly regarding their product or any problems that arise.

Please note: Anytime you are dealing with non-commercial (DVD+R, home-burned, fan-created, etc.) DVD's, there is a possibility of compatibility issues and/or complications that may prevent the DVDs from playing on all brands and/or types of DVD players. I've had some problems myself viewing fan-created DVDs, so if you're considering purchasing a fan-created DVD set, consider yourself warned.

!!!ALERT: If you come across someone identifying themselves as "L Shock" or "Lucian Lee", avoid them. This person offered to sell me the complete Max series in high-quality AVI's on my choice of 10 CDs or 2 DVDs, but disappeared after I paid them. Known email addresses are and The individual has since cancelled their eBay account, but may be operating under a different name now. He (or she) was apparently in the Los Angeles, California area. Buyers beware...

Now, on to the sets...

Seller: Paul P. (
Price: $40 US plus S+H
Discs in Set: Four (4)             Encoding: Region 1 (U.S. & Canada)
DVD Features: DVD Menu on each disc, Two (2) tracks per episode
Set Includes: One (1) Plastic Case, Four (4) DVD discs w/adhesive labels

Additional Photos:


Note: I've seen this same set on eBay for varying prices lately, but this is the first seller I came across, and it appears that many of the sets on eBay are copies of this one. Paul created the cover/disc graphics and menu himself, so he'd appreciate it if you get the set from him instead of a "bootleg" copy.