Please note - episodes are no longer listed by original air date. They're now listed in storyboard order, with each episode's original air date listed as well for reference.

Season 1 (1993)

  • A Bellwether In One's Cap (Originally Aired 9/1/93)

    Max, a fairly normal teenager, receives a package containing an ancient statue which he accidentally drops and breaks. Inside he finds a red baseball cap and a video tape. When he plays the tape, he is introduced to Virgil, a large talking bird-like creature who gives him instructions. Having nothing better to do that afternoon, Max follows the instructions and finds that his new cap can open "portals" - swirling vortexes of energy. When he jumps through one as told, he meets both Virgil and Norman, a large warrior who Virgil claims is Max's new bodyguard. Both claim to be over ten thousand years old. Virgil further explains that Max is now the "Mighty One" and must use his cap to travel all over the world, defeating evil. A disbelieving Max soon finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime as he is introduced to his mortal nemesis, SkullMaster.

  • The Brainsuckers Cometh! (Originally Aired 9/8/93)

    Max's afternoon plans are interrupted when Virgil explains that he must again save the world. This time he is whisked away to protect the Earth from an invasion of brain-devouring aliens. Unfortunately, neither Max nor Virgil's skills include complex computer codes. A very reluctant Max must turn to the school's most annoying computer nerd, Ernie, in order to break the alien codes and save the planet.

  • Day Of The Cyclops (Originally Aired 9/22/93)

    Max and his mom travel to Turkey, where they are met by Virgil and Norman. Max's mom doesn't seem very surprised to see a walking, talking bird creature but refuses to believe that her son is some sort of super hero. Max and Norman are arrested when Max is accused of stealing his cap from a vendor's stand. The seller has them both thrown into the local prison, while Virgil and Max's mom must work together to recover the cap after the vendor sold it. In the prison, Max and Norman are accosted by a large hulking creature who apparently wants to feed them to a Cyclops living in the caverns beneath the prison. As usual, adventures ensue and the day is saved.

  • Snakes & Laddies (Originally Aired 9/15/93)

    Max's attempts to attract the attention of Jiffie, a girl in his class, are interrupted by a short stint in Egypt with Bea. There Max finds and snatches an amulet, presenting it to Jiffie and winning her affection. Unfortunately, the amulet belongs to a cult of snake-creatures and they arrive to reclaim it. They then kidnap Jiffie, planning to sacrifice the new bearer of the amulet so that their leader can continue his immortal existence. Max and Bea must then rescue the clueless Jiffie while avoiding the clutches of the snake cult.

  • The Mother Of All Adventures (Originally Aired 10/20/93)

    Max's mom returns from a trip to Haiti with an old statue in her possession. Overnight, however, the statue breaks open and releases tiny parasitic insects that attach to people's neck and turn them into zombies. Max must find a cure for the "plague" when his own mom is infected, and the entire world looks to be next.

  • Let Sleeping Dragons Lie! (Originally Aired 10/6/93)

    SkullMaster convinces an ancient Norse sorcerer, RavenDark, to awaken the great dragon that sleeps at the edge of the world. Seeing only his own freedom from a captive curse, RavenDark doesn't realize that the dragon will also free SkullMaster from his underworld prison. Virgil and Max attempt to stop RavenDark from awakening the dragon, but are too late. When the dragon awakens and chaos ensues, they must quickly convince RavenDark to put the dragon back to sleep.

  • Norman's Conquest (Originally Aired 10/27/93)

    Norman must face his fear as the demonic warrior who killed his father ten thousand years ago has now returned for the son. Unable to help his father because of his size, Norman vowed to become the greatest warrior ever, a path which eventually led to his becoming the Guardian. Now a hardened warrior, Norman must avenge his father's death and join a battle he has dreaded for most of his long life.

  • Rumble In The Jungle (Originally Aired 10/13/93)

    When Max's mom uncovers an ancient race of intelligent gorillas and gets kidnapped by them, Max must travel to the Congo and rescue her. This may be harder than it sounds, however, since the gorilla general wishes to destroy Max and all other "outsiders" before they corrupt his society. However, Max may find assistance in the form of humans used as slave labor. Or will he?

  • Bring Me The Head Of Mighty Max (Originally Aired 11/10/93)

    Virgil's affection for Max is revealed when SkullMaster sends the undead citizens of Atlantis after Max. Relentless in their pursuit, the zombies will stop at nothing to bring SkullMaster the cap. Virgil steals the cap from Max and travels to the other side of the world. Max and Norman must follow using more mundane methods, and Max learns that these same zombies killed his predecessor. Finally tracking down Virgil just as the zombies arrive, Max tricks them into falling into a portal that leads to the bottom of the ocean. A very relieved Virgil decides to trust Max more in the future.

  • Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under The Sea (Originally Aired 11/3/93)

    While investigating the disappearance of several oil tankers at sea, Max and company find themselves working with the crazy oil tycoon that owned the vessels. Using his experimental Nautilus-like submarine, they find a giant squid at the bottom of the ocean who not only has been sinking the vessels, but is also terrorizing a hidden society of humanoid squid creatures that live under the sea. Max must use all of his wits to control the revenge-crazy tycoon and save the fearful creatures.

  • Werewolves Of Dunneglen (Originally Aired 11/17/93)

    Max travels to Scotland to investigate reports of werewolf attacks near a small town. There he finds a man who claims to be a werewolf and a crazy scientist who insists werewolves are a myth. In reality, Max discovers that the scientist is hunting down the werewolves and using their blood to create a potion that will turn her into the ultimate werewolf.

  • Out In The Cold (Originally Aired 12/1/93)

    Max's summer vacation takes a turn for the worse when he must travel to Anartica to defeat a group of shape-shifting ice aliens. Having assumed the forms of an Artic research team, the aliens are actually part of an invasion plan and are attempting to convert the earth into their own icy habitat. Braving the cold, Max must uncover their plans and stop them from placing the entire world into another ice age.

  • The Maxnificent Seven (Originally Aired 12/8/93)

    Finally turning his attention back towards the evil SkullMaster, Max learns more about his destiny to defeat the villian. In a quest to destroy SkullMaster's Soul Crystal, a staff which contains the souls of Atlantis and augments his power, Max must travel around the globe and enlist the aid of four legendary heroes, all now past their prime. Convincing them to join him, Max must now lead the "Maxnificent Seven" deep into SkullMaster's lair and finally face his greatest enemy.

Season 2 (1994)

  • Pandora's Box, Part 1 (Originally Aired 9/5/94)

    Thanks to the destruction of the Crystal of Souls in the previous episode, SkullMaster's power now wanes. His ancient nemesis Lava Lord escapes from his underground prison and rallies SkullMaster's own lava creatures against their master. With the underground embroiled in civil war, Virgil convinces Max that now is the time to strike at SkullMaster once and for all. Seperated during the attack, however, Max and Norman are horrified to see Virgil working alongside his former pupil, apparently using his immense wisdom and intelligence for the side of evil.

  • Pandora's Box, Part 2 (Originally Aired 9/7/94)

    Max and Norman discover that Virgil is not evil, but has in fact led SkullMaster into a complex trap. Lava Lord unleashes his creation - Magnus - a gigantic robot of sorts, onto SkullMaster's minions, and Max finally has the chance to destroy SkullMaster. When the dark lord takes Virgil hostage, however, Max finds himself torn between fulfilling the prophecy and the life of Virgil. Choosing Virgil, Max rescues his friend and opens a portal so that he, Virgil, and Norman can escape. In doing so, he also allows SkullMaster and Warmonger to escape. A thoroughly upset Virgil explains to Max that now that SkullMaster is free, it will be even harder to defeat him. Virgil understands his reasons, however, and the trio realize that the true final conflict is yet to come.

  • Blood Of The Dragon (Originally Aired 9/9/94)

    The newly freed SkullMaster wastes no time in assuming control of an island full of primitives and a large dragon. Using the dragon's blood to turn the natives into his own lizard henchmen, SkullMaster is frustrated to find the Mighty One once again interfering with his plans.

  • The Missing Linked (Originally Aired 9/12/94)

    Max finds himself in a small town in Eastern Europe - a town where all of the residents are slowly disappearing! Max soons finds himself facing yet another evil scientist, this one controlling a creature made of a tar-like compound who can absorb people into itself. But, since the creature grows more powerful with each individual he absorbs, how will absorbing the immensely powerful Norman affect him?

  • The Year Of The Rat (Originally Aired 9/14/94)

    The ancient Emperor of Rats, Low Shu, has been freed from his spiritual prison, possessing the body of the historian who freed him. Max must now find a way to stop the evil creature's plan of a rat-dominated world. The complex puzzles of Low Shu's temple may present a challenge to even the mathmatically precise Virgil.

  • The Cyberskull Virus (Originally Aired 9/19/94)

    When a hacker's plans of vengeance instead merge him with the virus he was creating, it spells real trouble for Max. Now calling himself CyberSkull, the hacker attempts to destroy his rival's computer firm but instead finds himself facing the Mighty One. But how can Max defeat an opponent who can travel into computers and across power lines?

  • Zygote's Rhythm (Originally Aired 9/16/94)

    Max and his iguana Thor join Virgil and Norman to investigate an island full of "dinosaurs". Instead they find that an evil scientist on the island, Dr. Zygote, has invented a way to "de-evolve" modern animals. After Zygote turns Thor into an enormous prehistoric lizard, Max confronts the twisted genius and turns his own evolution ray on him. Set to evolve instead of de-evolve, the ray turns Zygote into a hideous floating creature with an enormous brain. Out of control, the scientist crashes through his observation dome and dives into the sea below. A satisfied Max then uses the ray to revert the animals back to normal, including his beloved Thor.

  • Along Came Arachnoid (Originally Aired 9/21/94)

    Norman must face one of his few fears - spiders - when Max and company find themselves confronting a mutated scientist obsessed with spiders. Determined to stop Max and crew, the scientist (calling himself "Doctor Arachnoid") releases a two-story tall spider on them. Max figures that the only way he can make Norman face the spider is to place himself in the creature's path, forcing the Guardian to defend him. But is he right?

  • The Axeman Cometh (Originally Aired 9/23/94)

    A logging crew in the Canadian mountains accidentally release Lockyar - the Norse demon of violence which Norman had sealed in a tree centuries ago. As Norman and his old enemy clash in ever-growing violence, Max and Virgil must find the key which will unlock the demon's chains before Lockyar himself can get it. But how do you destroy a creature who is the embodiment of violence and rage?

  • Beetlemania (Originally Aired 9/26/94)

    Deep in South America, an earthquake awakens a giant robot beetle - a robot whose sole purpose is to prepare the earth for his people, a race of alien insectoids. Max finds himself hard-pressed to distract the single-minded servant, at least until he realizes the link between the robot and the insects of Earth.

  • The Souls Of Talon (Originally Aired 9/28/94)

    Max finds himself stranded in the astral plane after his cap is stolen by Talon - a large immortal skull who feeds on the souls of the living. The Mighty One must then somehow escape the plane and return to the real world in time to stop Talon from consuming the souls of the world.

  • Tar Wars (Originally Aired 9/30/94)

    A construction site near the museum where Max's mom works has released an immortal sabertooth cat, who is now prowling his old stomping grounds with a very bad attitude. Their only hope lies in an immortal caveman, also trapped under the city, who has been locked in never-ending combat with the cat since the end of the Ice Age.

  • Clown Without Pity (Originally Aired 10/3/94)

    Max and crew investigate the disappearance of several children at a Russian carnival outside Moscow. The carnival is run by "Freako the Clown" and populated by gruesome freaks. Perhaps not everything is what it seems, however, and this carnival may not be all fun and games.

  • Max vs. Max (Originally Aired 10/5/94)

    Max has finally begun to accept his role as the Capbearer when Virgil discovers that he may not be the Chosen One after all. The Lemurian has discovered another child born on the same day who also bears the name Max. This Max, however, is a student of science and knowledge and would joyfully embrace the role of the Capbearer. Can Max prove to Virgil that he is the Chosen One, or will he step aside for another?

  • Cyberskull II: The Next Level (Originally Aired 10/10/94)

    Max finds that his old enemy CyberSkull is still alive, and is again working on plans of world domination. This time Max finds himself in South America, where the living virus has taken over an ancient Aztec temple and has come within hours of infecting the world's networks. To make matters worse, CyberSkull will soon have a physical body he can use to crush his enemies.

  • Fuath And Beggora (Originally Aired 10/17/94)

    Max ends up in a small Scottish village where no one will talk to him save for a young girl who shares his love of basketball. Come to find out, the entire town (including his new friend) are a cult of druids who worship Fuath - a giant clockwork creature built by their ancestors within the foundation of the nearby castle. And, despite what they think, he isn't there to save the world when he awakens, either. Good thing Max is there, huh?

  • Dawn Of The Conqueror (Originally Aired 10/31/94)

    Norman must again face the Conqueror, an ancient warrior, if he wants to live another ten thousand years and continue as the Guardian. Norman is not sure he can defeat the Conqueror again after so many millenia, but he is determined to face his advesary with dignity and, if required, to die with honor. Defying the rules of the contest, Max intercedes and tries to help Norman, proving to the Guardian that he must live and continue his protection of the Mighty One.

  • Scorpio Rising (Originally Aired 11/21/94)

    Strange radiation readings in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada bring Max and company to the area. In underground caverns nearby, they find a crazed nuclear scientist who plans to use giant mutated scorpions and his own natural immunity to radiation as a means to garner revenge on those who caused his condition. Unfortunately, he pretty much also believes that the world itself needs to be cleansed by "pure, beautiful" radiation. Max to the rescue.

  • Zygote Music (Originally Aired 10/12/94)

    The evolution-obsessed Dr. Zygote reappears, this time attempting to harness the genetic material of a psychic teenager. Max must again face the demented scientist, a task made more difficult by the fact that Zygote is now even smarter than Virgil.

  • Good Golly Ms. Kali (Originally Aired 11/23/94)

    One of Max's strangest encounters begins when a greedy cult member frees Naja, a demonic snake creature, so that he can be rewarded by the creature for his deed. Naja instead kills the man and then sets out to control Kali, the Indian goddess of chaos and destruction, by gathering the pieces of a Kali statue. Max and company race to stop him but fail. Then, when they are powerless to stop the deity, Max fights fire with fire by awakening her husband and counterpart Shiva.

  • Around The World In Eighty Arms (Originally Aired 11/25/94)

    Max found himself working with Jules Verne after the legendary author and scientist's multi-tentacled submarine - the Nautilus - is stolen by a band of pirates led by none other than Nemo himself. Verne, having slept in a cryogenic chamber for years, found himself facing the grandson of the pirate captain made infamous in his book "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". The younger Nemo claimed the Nautilus as his family's own, and planned to use it to dominate the shipping lanes and recapture the former glory of his family's name.

  • Fly By Night (Originally Aired 10/19/94)

    Virgil leads Max to London, where they investigate a series of attacks that Virgil believes to be the work of vampires. Max and company do indeed find a mysterious woman with vampire-like abilities, and her trail even leads them to an old castle in Transylvania. Despite the assurances of Virgil that the traditional methods of fighting vampires will work, Max finds himself in over his head when the "vampire" turns out to be an alien mother brooding over her hatched larvae.

  • The Mommy's Hand (Originally Aired 10/24/94)

    Max's mom again finds herself in danger when a ring placed on her hand compels her to go to Egypt. Following in concern, Max and company find that the ring belongs to Isis, an ancient Egyptian goddess who has been living among humans for a few thousand years. Now a little unhinged, she is attempting to awaken her husband Osiris hoping that he will destroy the human race for its many faults and injustices.

  • I, Warmonger (Originally Aired 10/26/94)

    At the earth's geographical center stands Hydra, the last of the Titans - a gigantic two-headed dragon who maintains the balance between good and evil. Each head representing either good or evil, Hydra eternally debates whether good or evil should triumph. The debate is interrupted when SkullMaster uses the Lemurian Arcana to tip the balance towards evil, granting the evil side of Hydra total control. As SkullMaster celebrates his "inevitable" triumph, his ambitious henchman Warmonger plots to sabotage his plan and destroy the sorceror. The question is - how will Warmonger's plot interact with the Mighty One's attempt to stop SkullMaster?

  • Sirius Trouble (Originally Aired 11/7/94)

    A tribal shaman is granted powers by aliens from Sirius B and becomes their enforcer in an attempt to steal the "ultimate source of power" from Earth. In order to stop them, Max must first get Virgil and Norman to stop arguing over an old disagreement. Imagine Max's surprise, however, when he discovers what the "ultimate source of power" really is. It may not be worth fighting over after all.

  • Armageddon Closer, Part 1 (Originally Aired 11/14/94)

    Max's world is turned upside down as he finds himself facing all of his old enemies, many thought long dead. Things get even worse when he discovers the truth behind the resurrections - SkullMaster is making a final bid for the cap, one that will recreate time and space itself, and Max may be totally helpless to stop him this time.

  • Armageddon Outta Here, Part 2 (Originally Aired 11/16/94)

    Max finds himself in the fight of his life as he tries to stop SkullMaster's insane plan to recreate time and space. Despite the loss of both Virgil and Norman, Max must somehow continue on alone and find a way to defeat his mortal enemy once and for all.