The following is a list of questions I get a lot regarding Mighty Max. The single most common question I see is "Where can I get the series on VHS/DVD?". Well, now I have an answer - click here to find out how you can purchase the entire series on DVD...

Q. Who is Mighty Max?

A. Max was a character designed for a boy's line of toys in England. To market the character in the US, a cartoon called (appropriately enough) "Mighty Max" was aired between 1993 and 1994. The pre-teen Max has a key (in the form of his baseball cap) which allows him to use portals found throughout the universe so that he can fight evil in all its forms. The show was a classic, combining fun and entertainment with educational facts and lessons. For more information about either the show or the characters, please see the other sections of the site.

Q. I thought the Mighty Max was a truck... or was it a robot?

A. Although it's true that Mitsubishi produced a truck called "The Mighty Max" for several years, it has nothing to do with this site. And, yes, there was a battery-operated robot called "Mighty Max" released in 1976 by Tomy Toys. This site, however, is dedicated to the character Mighty Max made popular in the "Mighty Max" cartoon and line of toys. If you're looking for information about the truck or robot, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere.

Q. Why does the key look like a baseball cap?

A. I've done a lot of thinking on this, and still don't really have an answer. I've always thought that the key assumes a form that's appropriate to its current bearer. This theory is lent credit by the fact that when Skullmaster put it on in the episode "Armageddon Outta Here", it changed into a jeweled crown. However, when Max's barbarian predecessor is shown in the episode "Bring Me the Head of Mighty Max", the barbarian is shown wearing a red baseball cap. The two instances kind of contradict each other. I prefer to think that a barbarian wearing a baseball cap was just a mistake on the part of that episode. Let's call it a little continuity snafu and go on, shall we?

Q. Where can I find Mighty Max episodes on VHS?

A. That's a good question. The only places I've found so far that sells them new is VideoFlicks.Com ( and Amazon.Com ( And even then, they only sell a few. Otherwise, try Ebay (

If you click here, though, I'll tell you where you can get the entire series on DVD...

Q. Do you have any on tape you'd be willing to sell or trade?

A. No -- I used to have some on tape that I recorded from TV. However, they were really of terrible quality, and some were only partially recorded. I don't have these anymore, however, so I guess it's a moot point.

If you click here, though, I'll tell you where you can get the entire series on DVD...

Q. What about toys? Where can I find those?

A. The only place I've found MM toys online is Ebay ( However, there are literally thousands of toy stores out there that specialize in collectibles and hard-to-find stuff, so you should have several options. I've found quite a few at Kay-Bee Toys - a chain of toy stores commonly found in the malls here in the Houston area. Also, you may want to run an ad in your local paper, because I'm fairly confident a lot of MM stuff can be found in attics and garages. Judging from the ads on Ebay, a lot of people have them and don't even know what they are.

For a list of sites which contain toy information, please see the Toys page.

Q. What about other stuff? I heard they made lunchboxes and stuff. Where can I find those?

A. Again, your best bet is probably Ebay ( The same answer above (for toys) applies here, too. All I can say is check around.

I, do, however, try to keep a list of any collectibles I see out there or find on the Internet. Check out the Collectibles page to see them...

Q. How many episodes did they make? How many seasons?

A. The show ran for two seasons with a grand total of 41 episodes. The ending of the 2nd season essentially warped Max back to the day he got his cap, so it's entirely possible the writers (or producers, or whatever) never intended to make more episodes. Many fans were disappointed over this conclusion for the series, but I personally think the concept is kind of cool.

For more information regarding the show, please see the About page.

Q. Does Mighty Max still come on somewhere?

A. I've heard that the USA Cartoon Network still shows MM re-runs. I don't have cable, so I can't verify that.

Q. Were there ever any plans to make a Mighty Max movie?

A. Rumor has it that at one time there was going to be a Max movie. Whether it was live-action or animated, I don't know. A search of the U.S. Copyright Database shows that Bohbot Entertainment and Film Roman filed a copyright in 1995 for a Mighty Max motion picture. This was the year after the cartoon ended, so a movie at that time was probably going to be a full-length animated movie. It could've either picked up after the series finale or re-introduced Mighty Max to audiences. It's a shame it was never made - even if it was only a 2-hour long episode, it would've been really cool and loved by fans. No idea why it wasn't made.

Q. Your site has more graphics than most other Mighty Max sites. Where did you get all those pictures?

A. On this version of the site, nearly all of the graphics are original and created by yours truly. The profile pictures on the Crew, Allies, and Enemies pages are screenshots from the show.

Q. Where'd you find that Mighty Max theme song, and where can I get it?

A. After a lot of searching and digging around, I found the theme song in WAV format at WaveThemes, a site which specializes in hard-to-find theme songs. If you'd like a copy of it, feel free to take a copy of mine by right-clicking on the link and doing Save Target/Link As...

Q. What are those logos I always see on Max stuff? A couple of them look familiar.

A. These logos usually appear on Mighty Max merchandise. At least two of them also appeared on the cartoon opening. Here's what I know so far...

Bluebird Toys   Bohbot Entertainment   Canal Plus   Film Roman   Mattel
  • Bluebird Toys - the British toy company that created the Mighty Max line of toys. This is the same company that made the Polly Pocket line of toys, and both lines were licensed here in the States under the Mattel brand. They were apparently bought out by Mattel in 1998, but are still operating in the UK as Bluebird Toys PLC - a subdivision of Mattel Inc.

  • Bohbot Entertainment - this is the company that actually created Mighty Max. They handled the animation and episode creation. They're based out of Germany and have since reformed into BKN International. Their official site can be found at Visitors to that site will recognize the artwork on some of their other shows. The animation style looks very Max-like.

  • Canal + - I don't know. It appears to be some large media group based out of France. Here's an excerpt from a news report: "France-based Canal Plus is one of Europe's biggest satellite TV operators and is part of one of the world's biggest media groups." So, there you have it. I haven't been able to find out what they had to do with Mighty Max yet, though. If you find out, please let me know.

    Update:The company is now called Studio Canal and their website can be found at

  • Film Roman - Film Roman is the animation studio that produced the show. They seem to be a pretty widely-used animation studio. You can check out their official site at It looks like they handled production and distribution of the show.

  • Mattel - this is the toy company that handled production and distribution of all those toys we think are so cool. They also handled other forms of merchandise like puzzles, lunchboxes, etc. Their official site is at