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The Adventures of Mighty Max
Ocean of America
Sega Genesis; SNES
1 - 2

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Overall, I have to admit, this game was kind of disappointing. It could have been done a LOT better. The graphics don't take advantage of the 16-bit platform, and the gameplay came up short as well. However, I'll do my best to give it an honest and semi-unbiased review.

The story is like this: The evil warlord SkullMaster has discovered the plans for a Weapon of Doom. The parts for the weapon are scattered all over the globe. To save the planet, Mighty Max must use his portals to gather the parts before SkullMaster can, thus preventing him from building the weapon.

When you start the game, you can choose your player from Max, Bea, or Felix. Throughout the game, Virgil gives you tips and helpful hints. When you grab certain powerups, Norman will appear and start fighting any enemies near you. He will follow you throughout the level until his time runs out.

Mighty Max can jump extremely high, and his main weapon is a tennis ball gun (that's right -- a tennis ball gun) that shoots "tennis balls" at the enemies. Of course, this only stuns the enemies temporarily. You fight your way around the level this way, which is basically just a series of platforms with different backgrounds. At the "end" of the level, you'll find a portal.

Although personally I've only been to two levels, the game box boasts of 50+ levels. I don't see how, but there you have it. Click the thumbnails below to see screenshots of the title screen and gameplay.

The cover artwork on the game box, manual, and cartridge is the best thing about this game. I noticed one snafu, though - the box, manual, and cartridge all say "The Adventures of Mighty Max", but the main screen in the game just says "Mighty Max". Oops.



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